Luxury Mattresses at Outlet Prices in Waynesville NC

We Beat The Big Box Mattress Stores in Waynesville NC

--Really Low Overhead Saves You a Ton of Money.--
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If you are looking for a fancy mattress store or a slick salesman with pushy sales tactics to meet their high sales quota we are not for you.


“At Mattress Goddess we are NEVER Pushy. We Educate and Stay Inside of Your Budget, We Find Solutions.”


We REALLY care about our customer's sleep. Our store is simple, clean and professional, but most importantly, IT ALLOWS US TO SELL QUALITY MATTRESSES CHEAP! We will get you into the perfect mattress at your perfect budget.


There seems to be 2 types of people who buy a mattress and box springs.

  • Person A wants an affordable mattress set and price is the most important thing.
  • Person B wants a Great Nights Sleep and doesn’t care as much about the cost.

“We Give Our Customers The Best Of Both Worlds.” -MATTRESS GODDESS


Mattress Goddess Saves You Money with our Low Overhead.

We wanted to attract the SMART MATTRESS BUYER. We rented a very affordable building and set it up to showcase the best mattresses we had ever seen. Our “Made In North Carolina” deluxe mattresses have a 10 YEAR NON PRORATED WARRANTY. We have been involved in the mattress business for a long time and we know all the tricks. We know that the Mattress Brands carried by the “big guys” have set prices that the resellers must agree to sell at, No Deals Allowed. Our Local Mattress Company represents a higher quality at prices that your will love.


Every customer that comes to us starts by answering a few simple questions about sleep style and comfort levels. We address any pain, tension or sleeplessness that could be the cause of a cheap mattress set. Once we know your sleep style and softness/firmness desires we then move to the next most important question.


What is your mattress budget?

But Wait, Aren’t Luxury Mattresses Super Expensive?

If you go to a fancy schmancy mattress store in a strip mall, yes, they will be. Those mattress stores are under contract with the mattress brands they offer to sell at set prices. These prices are calculating HUGE OVERHEAD and HUGE COMMISSIONS for the sales team.

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Mattress Goddess cuts out ALL of those unnecessary expenses, and we sell a North Carolina Made brand of Luxury mattresses that allows us to set our own prices, and OUR PRICES ARE THE BEST....GUARANTEED!!!


Remember that the big box chain mattress stores like Mattress Firm, Sears, Rooms To Go, Badcock Carolina Furniture Concepts, and even stores like Big Lots have HUGE OVERHEAD.


A fancy storefront doesn't make you sleep any better at night or affect the quality of your mattress.”




A FANCY SHOWROOM COSTS YOU MORE MONEY FOR THE SAME PRODUCT. Let us get you a BETTER MATTRESS at a WAY CHEAPER PRICE. Call Mattress Goddess Today for a tour of our Factory Direct Outlet.


Mattress Goddess is a different kind of Mattress Store in Waynesville NC. We sell some of the highest quality sleep systems at prices that fit in any budget.


How Important is Good Sleep Anyway?


You will spend 1/3 of your life sleeping.....That will affect the overall quality of the other 2/3rds of your life. Quite Simply.....For a Better Life Be Sure You Sleep Good!


Some people spend most of their lives living with ailments like:

  • Back Pain
  • Pinched Nerves
  • Headaches
  • Lack of Energy
  • Insomnia
  • Grumpiness
  • Tension
  • Overall Body Pain


These are all problems that could be greatly helped or completely removed by a better mattress! The biggest problem is that most people try to buy a mattress that is as cheap as possible then wonder why they rest so terribly and feel DRAINED every day.


A Luxury Mattress doesn’t have to cost a fortune from a mattress store.


We thrive on making mattress deals that are unbeatable. When we personally changed to quality mattresses our lives improved 10 fold, THAT is the reason we are in the mattress business in the first place. Mattress Goddess wants to help people enjoy wonderful, deep, and uninterrupted sleep without breaking the bank.


PUT US TO THE TEST. Call us Now to set a time to come by and chat with us.

Mattresses On Craigslist Could Get You In Trouble!


If you are thinking of a craigslist mattress to save a few dollars, or an inexpensive mattress used from a thrift store, keep this in mind. You can not legally buy a used mattress in the state of NC unless it has been sanitized, but that does not remove what may be inside. If a mattress is unusually heavy, it is probably full of all kinds of things that you don't want to be sleeping on night after night.


All of our mattresses are new and custom ordered directly from the factory so you can sleep easy knowing that you are not only on soft luxury, but also CLEAN soft luxury.


Many times we can set you up with a Deluxe Brand New Mattress that fits your body type and sleep style perfectly for the same price as a risky used mattress some place else. Also, our *Free Delivery makes it fast and easy:)


Here are some facts about Mattress Goddess to set you at ease:



We educate and ask questions about your sleep goals and budget, then we go to work finding you exactly what your body type and sleep style needs. We match that to one or our affordable priced mattresses that are of the highest luxury quality and an industry leading warranty.



We Never Push a Sale. We want to find the mattress that best fits your needs, then find a way to make it fit the price you are comfortable spending. That's what we do ,and we are good at it.



We live here, we work here and we will be here if you ever need us!



Very limited exclusions apply. No tricks, we love our customers too much!



All of our mattresses are made in the great state of North Carolina and have a warranty that puts most of our competitors to shame. We truly believe in the product we sell. Best Quality, Best Prices GUARANTEED!



We know what we are talking about, because we have lived it. Let us tell you how sleeping on a quality mattress has changed our lives. We love telling our story.


“We Won't Sell You Something We Wouldn't Sleep On Ourselves” -Mattress Goddess


Affordable Luxury Mattress Outlet

Choosing a Mattress Store in Waynesville NC COULD be hard but WE MAKE IT EASY!


We are A Factory Direct Luxury Mattress Discount Outlet.


Let Mattress Goddess match your Sleep Style with the Perfect Mattress, contact us today!.


Areas and Cities We Deliver Mattresses To:

  • Waynesville NC
  • Sylva NC
  • Cherokee NC
  • Lake Junaluska NC
  • Maggie Valley NC
  • Webster NC
  • Cullowhee NC
  • Whittier NC
  • Canton NC